What’s new?

Berg + Schmidt will now supply the printing ink industry with BergaSolv IPL. The isopropyl laurate acts as a natural solvent and replaces the products based on crude oil. BergaSolv IPL has full registration and is available from the tank or in IBCs from Ouderkerk (Rotterdam).

Berg + Schmidt is the exclusive supplier of methyl esters based on coconut to the European market. A new thermostable variant has now been developed to meet the special needs of the lubricants industry.

For 20 years the production of medium-chain triglycerides, known as BergaBest MCT Oil, has constituted the core of ester production at Berg + Schmidt. The existing range has now been extended to include a less expensive but functional alternative based on pelargonic acid. BergaLub T900 is available on both a vegetable and a synthetic basis.

Berg + Schmidt is responding to the increasing demand for complex esters with its new BergaLub series. The triple esters have excellent biodegradability and constitute a less expensive alternative to products based on isostearic acid. Applications are mainly in the marine industry and in hydraulic fluids.