Publications on Berg + Schmidt

FEED, December 2022

Adding Value with rumen-protected feed ingredients

Publication (PDF 1 MB)

Bauernzeitung, June 2022

When is it too hot for cows?

The hot season of the year is a challenging time for dairy cow metabolism. Rumen-stable fats and sugar support the metabolism in critical phases.

Publication (PDF 284 KB)

Dairy Topics, February 2022

Lecithin: boosting both performance and profitability naturally

Publication (PDF 401 KB)

Press information, June 2021

Feed additives for Bio Security and Gut Health

Functional lipid toolbox supports natural pathogen control and efficient husbandry

Press information (PDF 207 KB)

Press Information, December 2020

Enhanced performance with functional lipids

EuroTier Digital: Berg + Schmidt offers added-value vegetable lipids for healthy livestock and efficient animal husbandry

Press information, December 2020

All about Feed Gut Health, December 2020

Medium Chain Functional Lipids: An underestimated ingredient

Off print (PDF 1,13 MB)

Milchrind 02/2020

'Protected' fat: Opportunities and limits

Off print (PDF 94.2 KB)

Bauern Zeitung, No. 20/2020

Feed, don’t heat

Off print (PDF 534 KB)

All about Feed Gut Health Special

Gut Health – Optimizing the gastrointestinal functionality

Special print (PDF 1.4 MB)

International Pig Topics, 1/2018

Phospholipids – essential active substances to assist metabolism

more details (PDF 400 KB)

Milling and Grain, April 2015

BergaFat: a fat powder with value added

more details (PDF 441 KB)

World Grain, December 2014

Lecithin – the unrivaled nutrient

more details (PDF 2.4 MB)

International Meat Topics, July 2014

Superior meat quality

more details (PDF 422 KB)

Lálimentation Animale, July 2014


more details (PDF 2.9 MB)

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