Top News

Berg + Schmidt Symposium 2018: The prelude to this year’s Eurotier exhibition focussed on efficient product applications.

  • Renowned animal scientists explained the resource-sparing use of functional lipids, feed fats and amino acids in animal production.
  • B+S customers gained exclusive insights into new studies on dosages and the effects on animal health and productivity.

EuroTier 2018: Berg + Schmidt presents new information on the use of feed fats, medium-chain fatty acids and deoiled lecithin

  • LipoVital promotes gut health for more resilient piglets and broilers
  • Supplement of deoiled lecithin improves feed conversion
in piglets
  • BergaFat F-100 in  early lactation improves milk yield of dairy cows

Foods without GMO: Berg + Schmidt is now a member of VLOG

More and more consumers look specifically for foods that have not been genetically modified.  The “No GMO” mark by the VLOG - German association of non-genetically-modified foods - helps here.


BergaFat along with top cow management supports record milk yields

Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918 is the new US milk production record holder for the Holstein breed. Together with our customer Northside Elevator we congratulate the farm managers in Wisconsin.


BergaPur: Re-formulation of a highly concentrated phospholipid complex

Berg + Schmidt optimizes feed additive to enhance the biological performance of animals.