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Feed additives for Bio Security and Gut Health

Functional lipid toolbox supports natural pathogen control and efficient husbandry.


All-natural: Immune protection, enhanced performance

In the fight against bacteria and viruses, there are high hopes for the role played by medium-chain functional lipids.

Publication Aquafeed, Issue 2/2021 (PDF 320 KB)

Medium Chain Functional Lipids: An underestimated ingredient

There are high hopes for medium chain functional lipids in the fight against bacteria and viruses. These functional lipids can improve gut health by affecting microbiota and immune function.

Publication (PDF 1.13 MB)

Latest Trend Gut Health: LipoVital - to support intestinal health and resistance

LipoVital is of particular interest to manufacturers who want to reduce the use of antibiotics, and improve intestinal health and resistance.



Enhanced performance with functional lipids

Presse-Preview EuroTier Digital: Berg + Schmidt offers added-value vegetable lipids for healthy livestock and efficient animal husbandry.



"Protected" Fat: Possibilities and Limits

In connection with the topic "negative energy balance" at the beginning of lactation, the keyword feed fats is often mentioned.

In this article from Michrind 2/2020, Dr. Roland Adelmann explains the effect and limits of "protected" fats when feeding high yielding dairy cows.

Publication (PDF 94,7 KB)

Heat stress - A review of a hot summer

Heat waves during 2018 and 2019 showed us, that dairy cows in particular are struggling with high temperatures. "Heat stress" has a poor impact on lactation perfotmance. Read our expert´s opinion on the positive impacts of BergaFat F-100 on milk yield and quality under challenging climatic conditions.

Interview (PDF 5.6 MB)

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