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Phospholipids – essential active substances to assist metabolism

Optimum digestibility and availability of all the essential nutrients in the feed are one key to profitable and safe pig and poultry production. Read how phospholipids – more commonly known as lecithins –  contribute to efficient feeding strategies.

The article was originally published in International Pig Topics Volume 33 Number 1 (2019) and is displayed by courtesy of Positive Action Publications Ltd.

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Heat stress - A review of a hot summer

Heat waves during 2018 and 2019 showed us, that dairy cows in particular are struggling with high temperatures. "Heat stress" has a poor impact on lactation perfotmance. Read our expert´s opinion on the positive impacts of BergaFat F-100 on milk yield and quality under challenging climatic conditions.

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New study: recommendations for the optimum dosage of BergaFat.

How much fat supplement should lactating cows get, and when? A study shows the benefits of BergaFat for dairy cow performance, with optimum dosages for each lactation stage. Read our special print of “International Dairy Topics“.

“The article was originally published in International Dairy Topics Volume 18 Number 1 (2019) and is displayed by courtesy of Positive Action Publications Ltd.”

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Gut Health – Optimizing the gastrointestinal functionality

Read our special print of All about Feed Gut Health special, hot off the presses.
It contains interesting information on innovations, research results and new products from Berg + Schmidt. 

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Berg + Schmidt Symposium 2018: The prelude to this year’s Eurotier exhibition focussed on efficient product applications.

  • Renowned animal scientists explained the resource-sparing use of functional lipids, feed fats and amino acids in animal production.
  • B+S customers gained exclusive insights into new studies on dosages and the effects on animal health and productivity.

EuroTier 2018: Berg + Schmidt presents new information on the use of feed fats, medium-chain fatty acids and deoiled lecithin

  • LipoVital promotes gut health for more resilient piglets and broilers
  • Supplement of deoiled lecithin improves feed conversion
in piglets
  • BergaFat F-100 in  early lactation improves milk yield of dairy cows

Foods without GMO: Berg + Schmidt is now a member of VLOG

More and more consumers look specifically for foods that have not been genetically modified.  The “No GMO” mark by the VLOG - German association of non-genetically-modified foods - helps here.