Production in keeping with the times

Berg + Schmidt has affiliates in Europe, Asia and the USA. While research & development and also applications technology are based in Germany, production takes place in Asia; from there, the products are dispatched worldwide.

Fat powders
The production of quality essential substances demands great care. Through its affiliates in Singapore and Malaysia, Berg+Schmidt keeps a careful watch on the production processes. From the purchase of raw materials to production and delivery of the goods we guarantee controlled quality – confirmed by internationally recognized certifications.Over 150,000 tonnes of BergaFat are produced in Malaysia annually for export. Qualified employees at the Malaysian production plants guarantee optimum quality.

We invest regularly in state-of-the-art technology. Top-quality granulates, powders and coated products are manufactured with the aid of spray cooling and spray drying. Blending technology accurate to the gram enables us to offer customized product solutions.

In order to meet the increasing demand for pure lecithin powder (deoiled lecithin) we have built Asia’s biggest plant for the production of lecithin powder in Singapore; both GMO and non-GMO qualities are offered.

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