fatty acid ester

BergaBest & BergaCare - Fatty Acid Ester

Bergabest MCT oils
These are medium-chain triglyceride used in aerosols, make-up and skin care products such as massage oils, body lotions and sun-tan oils. They act as softening agents and also help the active ingredients to spread better on the skin. Bergabest MCT oils can be mixed with vegetable oils, fatty acids, isopropanol, mineral oils, 95 % ethanol and other esters.

Bergacare esters
Our Bergacare series complements the range of emollients (softening agents) and emulsifiers used in toiletries and cosmetics for care of the skin, hair, eyes and lips and in sun protection products. Based on palm and palm kernel oil, the substances are known to be well tolerated by the human skin and to have little environmental impact.

Overview Fatty Acid Ester

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