For over 60 years Berg + Schmidt has been active in the development, production and marketing of raw materials for the oleochemistry and cosmetics industries. The company supplies consistent, dependable high quality, and helps its customers solve technical issues in applications.

BergaCare SmartLipids Retinol was launched this year. It consists of specially developed lipid particles in which anti-aging retinol is embedded and thus physically protected against decomposition. The particles adhere very closely to the skin surface and assist in the restoration of the natural skin barrier, and enable the controlled, extended release of retinol into the skin. Unlike with pure retinol, there is no skin irritation. BergaCare SmartLipids Retinol products are offered as watery suspensions, and can easily be worked into cremes, lotions and serums. Florence Olechowski will present this exciting new technology at this year’s Sepawa on 18 Oct. 2017 at 11:00 in Room 2.

We offer many of our raw materials with Cosmos/Ecocer, RSPO Mass Balance and/or organic certification. Just ask us!

For over 60 years Berg + Schmidt have supplied top-quality functional lipids to the international cosmetics and oleochemical industries. As a highlight of this show, the company will be presenting a new generation of lipid carrier system coupled to a strong but instable cosmetic active, under the name BergaCare SmartLipids Retinol.

Retinol is well known for its great efficacy in improving the condition of the skin. However, because of its instability and rapid degradability, it is also one of the active ingredients which are in need of an effective carrier system to perform at their best.

The solid particle matrix of BergaCare SmartLipids protects retinol against disruptive agents like oxygen. Moreover, this carrier system offers the ability to sustain the release of retinol to the skin over a longer period, preventing skin irritation. At the same time, the protective but invisible patch formed by the BergaCare SmartLipids carrier itself leads to better penetration of actives and thus higher amounts of retinol in deeper skin layers, for optimum efficacy of the retinol.

Due to its aqueous suspension form, the new carrier system is very easy to add to formulations. It is not sensitive to commonly used shear forces and can be used with standard emulsifying systems. Applications include facial creams, gels, oily or aqueous serums and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Berg + Schmidt’s product range also includes fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty-acid esters and shea butter. The spectrum of raw materials extends from commodities through specialities to the company’s own developments. Recently launched products comprise modern solutions for peeling applications, gentle, sulphate-free surfactants, natural emulsifiers, solutions for enhancing sensory properties, and advanced carrier systems.

For over 60 years, Berg + Schmidt has been present in the international markets with top-quality functional lipids for the cosmetics industry and the oleochemical sector. As a highlight, the company will be presenting a new generation of carriers under the name BergaCare SmartLipids.

The technique of encapsulating lipophilic substances was developed in collaboration with the pharmacist Prof. Rainer Müller from the Free University of Berlin. The carrier system is highly versatile and ensures that the active ingredients remain protected until applied to the skin.

This new dosage form for lipids is even capable of restoring the natural skin barrier. It covers the skin like a second natural layer. Because of the resulting occlusion effect, the active substances performance is enhanced. The skin care applications for SmartLipids range from anti-aging products through formulations with a whitening effect to sun protection creams with encapsulated UV filters.

To meet the market’s growing demand for mildness and closeness to nature, Berg + Schmidt offers the BergaSoft series. These modern surfactants are sulphate-free and non ethoxylated; nevertheless they have good foaming properties. The new APG (alkyl polyglucoside) additions to the BergaSoft series are competitive, cold processable, and also suitable for use in transparent formulations.

Berg + Schmidt’s basic range further includes fatty alcohols, fatty-acid esters and shea butter. The spectrum of raw materials extends from commodities through specialities to the company’s own developments. Recently launched products comprise modern solutions for peeling applications, gentle, sulphate-free surfactants, natural emulsifiers, solutions for enhancing sensory properties, and advanced carrier systems.

At 10:50 on Wednesday, 13 April, R&D manager Florence Olechowski from Berg + Schmidt will present the company’s latest research results on the efficacy and possible applications of BergaCare SmartLipids in the form of an innovations seminar in Theatre 3 at InCosmetics.

Im Rahmen der Innovation Seminare auf der in-cosmetics 2014 berichtete Florence Olechowski (R&D Manager, Berg + Schmidt) über die natürlichen Produktlösungen aus dem Hause Berg + Schmidt. Sehen Sie die Präsentation hier:

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BergaScrub is a natural and environment-friendly alternative to the familiar synthetic polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) peeling beads. It's based on renewable and GMO-free raw materials, is not irradiated, is easily biodegradable and contains no additives or preservatives.

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, BergaScrub peeling particles have no sharp edges like other natural alternatives such as sugar, sand or shell pieces, and are thus soft and painless in use.

BergaScrub is offered in particle sizes around 250 µm and 350 µm, making it suitable for all applications. It gives exactly the desired scrubbing effect.

Another new product in the Berg + Schmidt portfolio is GlyAcid, a high-purity glycolic acid from CrossChem. Its unique production and cleaning process makes it free of formaldehyde and formic acid. With it, CrossChem is meeting the growing world demand for purer glycolic acid. For the European market, CrossChem and Berg + Schmidt have joined forces to supply discriminating customers with GlyAcid. The product is offered as a 70% solution and in 99% crystal form.

The trend to natural ingredients in the cosmetic industry continues unabated. With BergaCare SB Organic shea butter, Berg + Schmidt has a solution for producers of natural cosmetics.

In cooperation with sister company Sternchemie, this shea butter has been certified as “Bio/Organic” (certification body DE-ÖKO-024) by ECOCERT Deutschland GmbH, one of the world’s largest certification organizations, to European and American standards. BergaCare SB Organic is a further addition to Berg + Schmidt’s successful shea butter product line.

This natural ethnicalraw material’s high content of unsaponifiables gives it excellent moisturizing properties. Due to its healing effects and excellent skin-compatibility, shea butter is ideal for many cosmetic formulations, such as for baby care or for dry skin care.




This liquid material has all the benefits of classic Shea Butter, such as a high percentage of unsaponifiables that improve the skin compatibility and healing effect of cosmetic care products. Its ethnical origin also offers interesting potential for marketing.

It has the special ability to be used in environment-friendly cold processes simply and smoothly, which opens up the way to new applications such as "rinse-off" formulations.

Committed to support the principles & criteria of the RSPO Berg & Schmidt has vigorously pursued a strategy to establish an RSPO supply chain together with its principles. In line with the company’s philosophy responsible growth in the palm oil supply is promoted and environmental & social responsibility is encouraged. With the possibility to supply Mass Balanced fatty acids Berg & Schmidt is well positioned to answer to the increasing demand of certified products of customers in various industries, e.g. Food additives, Candles, Cosmetic, Toiletries and others.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable (RSPO) was founded in 2004 with the goal to promote the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products.

Conventional emulsifiers can dissolve the lipid barrier and thereby negatively affect the skin's moisture content. But BergaMuls ET1, a natural emulsifier by Berg + Schmidt, is a polysaccharide (INCI: beta glucan and pectin), known for its healing and moisturizing properties on the skin.

This positive effect has been confirmed by a skin studys. A test group (30 - 55 years of age) was treated with the test substance as well as with a reference preparation containing the familiar moisturizer glycerine. Analysis of the measured data demonstrates the substantial moisturizing effect of BergaMuls ET1, which is comparable to the reference glycerine preparation.

In short-term and long-term evaluation, BergaMuls ET1 showed skin softening activity, a refatting effect on the corneum stratum and an increase in general skin moisture.

This is impressive confirmation that BergaMuls ET1 is an excellent multifunction compound that restores moisture to the skin instead of destroying the lipid barrier. Its moisturizing effect is demonstrably comparable to that of glycerine.  

Berg & Schmidt has developed a multi-functional ingredient based on natural cereal and fruit fibres, and which they have named BergaMuls ET 1. Its emulsifying and thickening properties allow the sustainable production of O/W creams that can be cold processed, are skin tolerant and elegant, and can be marketed as “emulsifier free” in many countries.

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At the Innovation Seminar Berg + Schmidt will present its latest innovation, “BergaSom” on 16 April at 5:30 PM in Theatre 1. BergaSom is a unique, high-purity, fractionated range of sunflower-based phosphatidylcholines (PC) for liposomes and skin repair.

The vegetable fibre compound BergaMuls ET 1 was recently named as a finalist for  “Best New Ingredient 2013” by the respected Cosmetics&Toiletries magazine. This natural, multifunctional fibre compound has emulsifying and thickening properties, and is extremely easy to work with, warm or cold. The odourless powder is compatible with many cosmetic raw materials and can be used in a wide pH range. The R&D Award ceremony will also be held at in-cosmetics.

BergaCare FG5 is a natural alternative to silicone respectively cyclomethicone in skin care, with great absorbability and a smooth, silky skin feel. It is biodegradable and free ofpreservatives, and can be readily incorporated into many existing formulations. Its natural, unsaponifiable ingredients help skin stay elastic.

In addition to its own innovations such as emollients, emulsifiers, surfactants, emulsion stabilizers and thickeners, the company also offers an attractive range of fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty acid esters and lecithin and shea butter.

BergaMuls ET 1 offers innovative manufacturers a way to make long-term stable, elegant emulsions. Based on fruit and cereal fibres, this natural new raw material impressed the jury so much that it was chosen as one five finalists.

The winners of the R&D Awards will be announced at in-cosmetics 2013 in Paris. Berg + Schmidt´s experts will be at booth H121, and look forward to your vist!

Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG can now guarantee that its BergaCare SB Fair for Life brand shea butter is made socially responsibly. Sourcing of the product, which is used in many cosmetics, is now certified to the guidelines of the IMO Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade programme. This is required so that cosmetics makers can market their products as fair trade.

More and more consumers pay attention to sustainability in deciding which products to buy. The quality seal of the IMO Social & Fair Trade certification programme lets them know that products so marked are made socially responsibly. In cosmetics many raw materials from developing countries are used, and shea butter is a standard ingredient in many recipes for care products. Most of it comes from West Africa, where it is prepared laboriously by women and children. “A partnering relationship with customers and suppliers is a central element in our company philosophy. We take great care to see to it that the people who produce raw materials for us are treated fairly,” said Dirk Westphal, Cosmetics Division head at Berg + Schmidt. accordingly, the company works only with Shebu Industries LTD in the central harvesting region in Ghana. Shebu Industries has committed itself to making sure that the people who work for it can make a sustained living from their efforts. “Because fairly produced and traded shea butter is currently available only in limited quantities and from few suppliers, we have sought and obtained certification from the IMO programme “Fair for Life – Social & Fair Trade.”


Thanks to numerous developments in emulsifiers, in recent years the options available to cosmetics manufacturers have multiplied. In addition to a host of physical and chemical properties, modern emulsifiers must increasingly also meet other demands, like biodegradability, natural origin and environment-friendly manufacture. With BergaMuls ET 1, Berg + Schmidt now offers an alternative tailored for these heightened requirements.



A modern emulsifier with a natural image
A fine ivory-coloured powder, it is completely odourless, and is made from natural fruit and cereal fibres. “The idea of developing an emulsifier like this based on natural raw materials came to us in an exchange of ideas with colleagues at our sister company Hydrosol. Like us, the company is part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and for many years has very successfully developed a wide range of multifunctional stabilising and emulsifying systems for food,” said Florence Jonnard, R & D Manager Cosmetics at Berg + Schmidt. “For consumers, fibres of this type have positive associations with health and well-being, and support the concept of the naturalness of our products. In addition, our product can be processed cold or warm, so it can contribute to more environment-friendly manufacture. With energy costs rising, it also offers economic benefits for many manufacturers.”



Multifunctional solution with simple application
This multifunctional plant-based powder compound is just as capable as standard synthetic emulsifiers. It is compatible with many of the ingredients used in cosmetics, including various vegetable oils, silicone oils, esters, electrolytes, UV filters and other ingredients. Florence Jonnard: “We have established the unrestricted performance and efficiency of BergaMuls ET 1 in multiple tests, for facial, body and hair care products, as well as sunscreen and decorative cosmetics. The tests showed that our plant-based emulsifier is compatible with numerous oils used in the cosmetics industry that have an extremely wide range of polarities. In addition, it can be used without restriction in the pH spectrum from 4-9, so that it covers the entire pH range normally used in cosmetics. Testing also confirmed its high resistance to shear forces and temperature. That means our emulsifier is not just useful for new developments, but can also easily be used as a replacement in existing formulations.”

Using this plant-based powder compound is simple, and it dissolves in the water phase just as well as it disperses in the fat phase. It emulsifies and thickens in one step. No follow-on neutralisation, co-emulsifier or pre-solution is necessary. BergaMuls ET 1 unfolds its full benefits even at low quantities. According to the manufacturer Berg + Schmidt, 1.5 to 5 percent in the final product is enough to to achieve a stable emulsion.



Application advice
Berg + Schmidt is part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, an internationally successful has made a name for itself in the cosmetic industry as an ester specialist, offering a wide variety of esters based on palm oil and palm seed oil. Its BergaBest MCT oil is a standard ingredient in many cosmetics formulations. In addition to shea butter and plant-based fatty acids and fatty alcohols, Berg + Schmidt also offers emollients and emulsifiers for the cosmetic industry. In Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany, the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has a modern, well-equipped, 3000 sqm Technology Centre where Berg + Schmidt’s R&D experts can replicate cosmetic and body care formulations and optimize them to customer requests. Services include individual customer consulting and precise solutions.