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Shea butter
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Shea butter
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BergaCare SB Shea Butter
Shea butter is a natural product extracted from the nut of the shea or karite tree. Because of its good miscibility with oils and other non-polar and medium-polar ingredients, shea butter integrates readily into almost any formulation. With its high percentage of oleic acid, stearic acid and unsaponifiable matter, shea butter enhances the skin compatibility and healing effect of cosmetic preparations, for instance in the field of baby care and body care products specially for dry skin.

BergaCare Shea Butter is controlled by ECOCERT Greenlife (Declaration of Conformity with the standards for natural and organic cosmetics)

The special feature of BergaCare SB:
its high percentage of unsaponif iable matter

Unsaponifiable matter (antioxidant properties) At a minimum of 5 % the proportion of unsaponifiable matter in BergaCare SB is over three times that of mango butter or sesame oil, for example
Terpene alcohols Protect the skin; healing and disinfectant effects
Phytosterols Stimulate and regenerate the cells
Cinnamic acid esters UVB filters; healing and disinfectant properties
Natural vitamins
Vitamin A
Stimulates collagen production; enhances the skin’s elasticity and regenerative capacity
Vitamin E
Delays aging; improves the skin’s microcirculation
Vitamin F
(linoleic acid)
Regulates the skin’s moisture content and strengthens skin barrier

BergaCare SB specifications

Standard values: Value Unit
Melting point 32-35 ° C
Saponification value 169-190 mg KOH/g
Iodine value 51-72 g J2/100
Fatty-acid composition: Value Unit
C16 and lower ≤ 10 %
C18:0 40-50 %
C18:1 40-50 %
C18:2 3-8 %
C20 ≤ 3 %
Quality values: Value Unit
Peroxide value ≤ 5 meq/kg
Free fatty acids ≤ 1 %
Water content ≤ 0,2 %

Label declaration / INCI name:
Butyrospermum parkii

white to ivory-coloured, pasty

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